Why a blog?


Why should I have a blog? Actually this is a good question, and I’m not really sure. The simplest reason, used by many, is that everyone already has so why not me? I didn’t want to go this way, I was thinking hard whether I have something to say. Finally I decided not to think and just try.


My name is Libor, I live in Prague the capital of Czech Republic (sometimes remembered as Czechoslovakia but we separated in 1993 forming Czech and Slovak Republic). I got my master’s degree in artificial intelligence with a minor degree in computer vision from Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). Currently I’m employed in Centre for Machine Perception at CTU.

In my free time, I’m trying to be with people, who are precious to me. That is related to that I do orienteering (a sport I will write about sometime), I’m not really good at it but I’m constantly improving. Also I’m a member of a group of people, that was started by our parents during their university studies, called Gymnasion.

This blog

So, I have decided to start writing a blog, that is the first step. What is next? I’m not really sure, but as you can see I’m writing in English, eve though it is not my mother tongue. It is so because one of the motivations behind this blog is that I want to practise, both English ans writing, so please, do not hesitate to correct me if make a mistake or if something sound odd.

Ok, I have the blog, the motivation and the language, what else should proper blog have? A discussion, actually you won’t found one here, at least not now. It is not that I do not care what you thing about what I write. I do care, and please use email for that (it is at the bottom of every post), I would be really grateful for any kind of comment, suggestion even hate mail. However this is my blog so you can’t blame me for that I want to decide what is going to be shown there.

I have decided to use Hakyll a static page generator written in Haskell, in which I found liking recently. The style of this page is inspired by other wunki.org and Hakyll website. I’m not fully satisfied with the style, but it must do for now.

Contact me about this post and everithing at liborwagner@centrum.cz.